Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Michelle & Chris

We took Dionne on quite the journey, searching for the property that we purchased last summer. A journey in which we all learned so much. You see, Chris and I were not just looking for a home in the city, not that I can say that's a 'just' because no matter what the property big or small, high or low priced, buying a home is a huge investment in anyone's life. The reason I say what I do, is because we were looking for a property close enough to the city that we could commute, with a house that had potential to be something beautiful and hopefully enough square footage to fit all of our family comfortably, and with not just a yard but land. We were looking with the intention of starting a small farming business of some kind to create additional income and to grow healthy organic food. This took Dionne on a search, adjusting all the parameters a few times along the way to try and find that piece of real estate that was just right for what we had envisioned. Right price, right house size, right distance, right land size... and always having an imagination when we walked in the door of what it could be. Well, we finally found it, I think it took us about a year, with the three of us searching all the on line listing we could find. Driving to see properties that looked closer on the map than they actually were and researching all the while how and where and what. Then last spring we came across a listing for 76 acres with a 3 bedroom bungalow in Newcastle and went to look at it a couple times, knowing all the while this was it. It fit just about all of our criteria and it had more land than we ever imagined we could buy, and it was perfect for our organics since it had never been farmed and it did not have any industry close to it. Dionne was amazing through it all. She saw our vision, which was so different from what the majority of her clients were looking for, and she supported us along the way. Chris and Dionne having both spent time in the country side of Jamaica could appreciate the idea of growing and eating your own food and supplying others. She was able to picture it as we did, even after having to trek around the property in boots due to snow, or spring run off, it was all part of the journey in which we were greeted with a smile and definitely a good time. When it came time to do our due diligence in purchasing the property, Dionne went beyond her role as our realtor by calling on a mentor to guide us in the buying process of a rural property, which was partially zoned enviromentally protected and also the complete opposite of the town house in Scarborough that we would be leaving. Despite whatever obstacles came up along the way, or research that we needed time to do, Dionne stayed on top of the deal and made sure that we secured it. Now, almost a year later, we have settled in, renovated, and we are starting the first season of that organic vegetable business that was at the top of our list when the property search first started.... I want to give a big thank you to Dionne. You definitely are more than a realtor and I would recommend your services to anyone. Your enthusiasm and spirit makes you a pleasure to work with. All the best. Michelle & Chris

By: Camille and Miguel - Markham, ON

What a thrill it was, perhaps one of the best moments of our lives thus far, to stand in the snow posing beside the sold sign at our first house! The journey was educational, fun, exciting and fulfilling! From day one we knew we chose the right Realtor, but the moment we knew our Realtor was special was the moment the sellers told us how impressed they were with our Realtor and how she beautifully represented our family that sealed the deal on them choosing us! What a wonderful thing when you work with someone who is more than a Realtor and that 100% is Dionne! Genuine, caring, understanding, dedicated, confident are just a few words to sum up a fabulous person and excellent Realtor!

By: Jeanelle - Scarborough

Dionne made the experience of selling my home simple. She was always well informed, prepared and one step ahead of the game. She provided information and support that allowed me to be empowered in my decisions. As a result, my home was sold within just over 24 hours of being listed at the price I wanted. Dionne is the woman to have on your team if you want your home selling experience to be done right!

By: Felicia - Scarborough, ON

As a first time home buyer I was prepared to be intimidated by the ins and outs of the home buying process. All that changed after meeting Dionne. She was professional, gave tons of information and above all did it with a grace and humor that really makes you feel you're in good hands. Her attention to detail made buying my first home such a breeze and when I compare this to the horror stories I'd worried about it just reminds me how great she is at what she does. I'd never hesitate to recommend her to others and look forward to one day work with Dionne again!

By: By _Rema _Jamaica

Dionne - Hope, Believe, and Love: that's the way this special woman is. I was looking for a house to rent. A friend of mind gave me her number. I called her and we went looking for a house to rent. You have to go from house to house, and this God sent woman took us around and never stopped until she got somewhere for us. It never stopped there; she made sure everything was right before she gave us the key. From the first time I saw her I knew she was a special person; her smile and her encouragement was positive. Based on my experience with Dionne, she is a blessing from God, and always put God first in everything she is doing. If I were still in Canada, I would recommend Dionne to any person who is seeking a real estate salesperson. Dionne I will never forget about you, and what you did for me. May God Bless you in what you are doing. D_Dedication. I_inspiration. N_Natural. N_Needs. S_Special . Don't let the Shadows of Yesterday spoil the surprise of tomorrow.

By: Leita - Scarborough

Dionne is a woman who I respect and admire. She was there for me in my time of need. I needed a place to live fast. No credit to speak of. Dionne made sure I found a place that was beautiful and affordable. I absolutely love you.

By: Sean Y Markham, On

Since moving to Canada and becoming a property investor just getting that first start was a big risk. I did not know really what I wanted to invest in and how! When speaking to Dionne she helped me all the way from understanding what I really was looking for to finding the right financial backing and of course getting that first property! It was exactly what I was looking for that would get me a great return! I'm so happy she put in so much work for me and telling the truth that sometimes you don't want to hear! : ) Without her I could not have done this on my own and even after the sale she is right there helping me getting it ready to rent by taking care of the landscaping that is something I hate! I can't wait to have Dionne help me find the next house ! She is really more than a Realtor, she is my friend!

By: By:Latoya - Scarborough ON

From the moment I met Dionne her warm spirit, heart felt smile and positive characteristics endeared me to her.     Dionne is so passionate and confident about her job that her drive doesn't seem to come from the monetary rewards but from the fulfillment of seeing her costumers satisfied. Our quest began with much inspiration and motivation from being reassured that I can achieve my goals.     My  three year old daughter and I are proud home owners and for this I am truly grateful to God for allowing me to meet this spectacular woman. Hearing my daughter voice how much she loves our new home makes my heart smile knowing the choice we've made was an excellent one.     Making the decision to have Dionne as my realtor has given us more than just a home but a blessing in our lives.     Based on my positive and rewarding experience I sincerely recommend Dionne to clients who are seeking an amazing realtor Sincerely, Latoya

By: Anonymous

From the moment that Dionne Witter met I felt as though we had known each other for years! My husband and I were planning to sell one of our properties and Dionne showed up on our street one morning handing out flyers for her business. My husband told her what our plans were and she agreed to visit the property. The very next day she was there and gave us some professional advice as to how to stage the property for sale, since this was our first time. We took her advice and the property was sold for the little more than the asking price that very week! Dionne has continued to be a source of help and strength to me personally since then and I have no inhibitions in referring her to all who I know would need her services. God bless you Dionne! Keep up the good work!

By: Anisha - Scarborough

Dionne has the ability to make you feel like you are at right at home with a friend from the minute you meet her. The first thing I noticed was her warm smile; it helped my anxiety to dissipate. Dionne is adorned with professionalism from the way she presents herself, to the way she walks and speaks. Very organized and keen to details, she seeks to find that which you want. From the first time you exchanged "hellos" to the day you collect the keys to your new place, Dionne is right there taking your journey with you. Dionne, you are a rare, unique n precious jewel and I'm grateful for the support and expertise you've contributed to my journey. Couldn't have done it without you. All the best in your future endeavours.

By: Yandea - Scarborough, ON

There are some events in life that serve as confirmation that there is a higher force watching out for and guiding you. Connecting with Dionne was one such event. Honest, determined and optimistic Dionne is filled with tons of positive energy. Home hunting can be such a stressful time but working with Dionne made the entire process a lot more bearable and less complicated. She listened carefully to our desires and made it her priority to really find us what we were looking for. I always recommend her to friends and family because I know she will not disappoint. Dionne Witter is definitely more than a realtor!

By: Louise - Scarborough, ON

Dionne's passion for attention to details in her effort to serve the client is quite admirable. Thank you for serving with passion and integrity.

By: The Pitters - Toronto, ON

Upon first meeting Dionne we found her to be very professional and conscientious about our needs. We met on the basis of needing a place to rent after getting married. During a time of stress filled wedding planning Dionne was able to alleviate our anxiety by making the process of finding our home an enjoyable experience; always there to answer our questions timely and explain the process step by step. Dionne was able to work with our objectives to present us with multiple exceptional residence while keeping us on budget. We are very happy with her services and would utilize her expertise again in the future when we purchase our home.

By: Janice – Scarborough ON

I needed to find a bigger space for my family to live. When my friend gave me Dionne's name she was the 5th Realtor I was going to try to tell my needs. I'd previously been made to feel like I would not be able to move out of my cramped space. Dionne took on my challenges and worked with me until the deal was done. And it didn't take as long as I expected either. She met me more than half way on everything, recognizing my mobility needs and utilizing 21st century technology when possible. Dionne is more than a Realtor, she's the answer to so much more!

By: Lorna E. McGibbon - Mortgage Agent

My experience with Dionne over the past two years has been nothing short of amazing. I have watched Dionne be dynamic, caring and loyal to every client. She is a good listener which seem to contribute to her always finding the perfect property for her clients relatively fast. I am a mortgage Agent who has worked with Dionne through mutual clients. I will continue to refer my clients to Dionne no matter what company she is with. May your blessings go with you to your new venue.

By: Leon - Brampton, ON

As I think back to May 2014 and how I met a realtor/ friend. I remember this lady call me and introducing herself as Dionne Witter. She said she got my number through a friend of mine on facebook. Dam facebook lol...anyway needless to say I was irritated with some stranger calling me out of the blue wanting to sell my house. Normally I would say I'm not interested and hang up the phone but somehow she kept me on. To cut a long story short she came to my house and we had a good chat. I told her that I wanted to buy as well. I was very clear on exactly what I was looking for. After looking at a few homes and I was wondering to myself; is this lady even listening to me. A few days later she called me and said she has the perfect home for me. Sure enough it was perfect for me. Although to me it seemed like she wasn't listening, she was making notes and eliminating what I liked and didn't like. We were able to get both homes closed on the same day thanks to Dionne's hard work. Today I'm happy to say that Dionne is not just a great realtor but she's also a friend. May God continue to bless her!

By: Winston - Scarborough ON

My home buying experience was made seamless and exciting due to Dionne's patience, positive and enthusiastic attitude. It is evident that she was created to sell houses and really loves what she does. As a result of my experience with her I will always use her as my realtor. She is truly a delight to work with. I knew exactly what I was looking for and Dionne presented me with options which matched and exceeded my expectations. I would recommend her to anyone looking to purchase or sell. Thanks Dionne for being More Than a Realtor!