By: Dionne Witter

I Wish

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I didn’t blog the last two weeks.  I had to remain laser focused to complete a time sensitive project.  I feel as though the universe was challenging me to prove just how badly I was being authentic to my “why”.  At times I felt very frustrated, but I knew that the more intense the challenge, the more rewarding the result.  My mantra was “this too shall pass”.  I did achieve the desired goal on time, and the universe blessed me with my most rewarding month ever in real estate!

In general, though everything in my life is not perfect, I rarely ever complain. I kept saying to myself and to friends “all will be well – it always works out” and indeed, it did.  I do not have too many bad days, and if I were to count my bad days since the start of the year, I would say I have had one bad day.

I didn’t realize how mentally exhausted I have been from all of this.  While friends want to celebrate, all I want to do is lie on my couch and do not a darn thing!  During this time, I did focus more on writing my daily gratitude, and this helped to make my experience much more fulfilling.  I did create a wish list as well.  Today’s blog I would love to share some of my wishes with you.

I wish I could murder the spirit of procrastination once and for all!

I wish that every day I would start my work day right on time – 9am.

I wish that on the days when I do not start my work day on time, I would not be too hard on myself.

I wish that soon I will not have to work so hard.

I wish I had more time to spend with friends and family.

I wish for financial abundance, so I can abundantly help others.

I wish for abundance in all areas of my life.

I wish to have my prominent six-pack abs again!

I wish I would visit my mother at the nursing home more often.

I wish that others knew that though I am seen as “strong”, that I do have moments of weakness.

I wish for a purple garden that will be tended to by a shirtless, six-pack gardener!

I wish to always laugh!

I wish to always dance like nobody’s watching!

I wish that I could find a healthy ice-cream that tastes good.

I wish others understood that I worked my butt off to get where I am.  Nothing was handed to me.  I did my part and the universe blessed me by meeting me part way.

I wish that others know I have bad days too.  I choose not to share as the world is filled with many others doing that.

I wish my dream car that keeps following me everywhere I go – white Mercedes GLK 350 –  will be parked in my driveway very soon.

I wish I set time aside more often to read at minimum one hour daily.

I wish we didn’t mis-interpret each other as much as we do.

I wish that my love and passion for what I do will last.

I wish I could be of more help to more people.

I wish that soon I will be walking barefoot on the beach in Negril.

I wish that everyone was wealthy in friendship the way that I am!

I wish to dream wonderful dreams every night, and turn them into a reality.

I wish for many more nights that will turn into mornings, because waking up is a blessing indeed!

I have pages and pages of wish list.  Thankfully, a lot of things that I wish for, or have dreamed of, have become a reality.  Many more I am certain will become a reality.  I am very much aware that I AM responsible for all that I am, and that once I believe it, I will achieve it.

May you have a wish list filled with optimism and abundance.  May your wishes become a reality.  In the meanwhile, please share a wish or two!