By: Dionne Witter

What I Love About Men

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What I Love About Men

It’s interesting how I started blogging with one thing in mind.  My goal was to foster and / or create a relationship with all of you.  Along the way however, so many other things have evolved, or I should say brought forth to light.

One such thing is the difference between my male and female readers.  Almost on a weekly basis, I receive a few phone calls and text messages as follows:

Male:  “I love your blog, but it’s too long – you need to write an abbreviated male version”.

Female: “Just when I was really getting into the blog, it ended…girl, you need to write more”.

How do I please both my male and female audience I ponder?  This week, as I received three phone calls from different male readers, I have decided to give them my undivided attention.  More or less, they ask that I write a blog no more than 600 words.  My first reaction was that men hate to read, but soon realize this was not the case.  They are reading, and they want to continue reading.  They just want to get less information – they want for me to get to the point quicker.

In this week’s blog, I will focus on what I love about men.  My concern is that I will have to leave out quite a bit of information, as I was asked to make it short.  This list could be quite extensive, but I will endeavour to keep it at 600 words or less.

What I Love About Men

A Competitive Spirit…

I love how a man plays to win!  There seems to be a balance with winning and good sportsmanship.  Men could seem to hate each other on the field, but the minute the game ends, they are back to being friends.

A Protective Spirit…

Who says chivalry is dead?  It is not.  Recently I was out with a friend, and I was delighted to see how he would rush to open the door for me.  He also walked on the traffic side of the sidewalk, making me feel so protected!  It may not happen as often as it used to, but whenever I experience it, I am aware of just how much I appreciate and love being protected by a man.

Trust In Friendship…

I can share my deepest darkest secret with my male friends, without feeling as though I’m being judged, or that my secret will be shared.  I may not get that hug, or there will not be a teary moment, or any advice given at all.  However, there is a quietness shared between us that makes the moment treasurable.

Letting Go…

Do men stop talking to one another when they get mad at each other?  I could be wrong, but to me it doesn’t seem this way.  Could it be that men are less expressive, or do not hold grudges?  The less drama amongst them seems to keep their friendship lasting for years.

A Sense of Humor…

I love a funny guy; a guy who makes me laugh without even trying to.  While us women can be funny, I must admit that men just seem to be funnier than us.  Men could find humour in just about anything, and being less sensitive, can laugh at themselves much better.

Easily Encouraged…

I have discovered that it is really easy to make a man feel good.  Making a man feel respected and appreciated speaks volume.  I have learned how thanking a man for his efforts and letting him know how awesome he is can make him do wonders!

Oh boy, I was just getting started. There is so much more that I love about a man, but I am now over 600 words!  Somehow, I believe I may receive a few calls letting me know this was not the blog I should have shortened.  I hope my male readers will see my deep respect and admiration for them.

Men, I want to hear from you!  I hope I honoured your request.  Women, feel free to share your thoughts below as well.  Tell us what you love about the men in your life; be it your partner, your son, your father, your brother or your male friends.